2021 Services and Fees

Single Family Home (up to 3,500 sq ft, Fee Simple, All Values) w/o Form 1004MC  

Single Family Home (over 3,500 to 5,000 sq ft, Fee Simple, Simple complexity) w/ Form 1004MC $775
Single Family Home (over 5,000 sq ft, or any lot over 2 acres) w/ Form 1004MC Call for quote
Condominiums (Fee Simple, Value up to $1,000,000) w/ Form 1004MC $550

Additional Comparables Requested After Completion of Report

$75 each
Duplex or 4-Plex Appraisal w/ Form 1004MC $1200
Re-Certification of Value (No change of value) $200
Form 2055 or 1075 (Limited Appraisal - Drive-by) w/ Form 1004MC $450
Form 2055 or 1075 w/interior photos & sketch w/ Form 1004MC $500
Form 1004MC Market Conditions for FNMA Loans


Completion of Inspection (Form 442)

Rental Survey (Form 1007 and/or 216) $150 each
Surcharge Fee (There will be an additional surcharge fee for properties with complex architecture or for properties located on steep slopes $150
Updated Appraisals Full Fee
Relocation Appraisal $700
Cancellation Fee - After Inspection & Before Completion of Appraisal One-half Fee
Overnight Shipping (hard copy of appraisal - $35 per copy) $75

This is just a small sample of the Appraisal services we can provide. Please contact us for further assistance.